Past Assignments for Curbo Advisors

We have experience across both public and private environments. We also work with large and small businesses. Examples of consulting assignments include:

Real Estate

Detailed analysis of the industrial real estate sector to determine potential returns, risks, and locations for superior investment returns.

Deep analysis of the residential property type including apartments, single-family rental, and manufactured housing. We analyzed demographics, household formation, and employment growth to determine potential demand across these sectors.

Sector-by-sector forecasts of 16 major property sectors updated 2-4x per year to analyze return potential in both private and public markets.

Helping emerging private real estate managers to improve investor relations, attract new capital, and refine investment strategies.

Recommending changes in sustainability reporting and investor relations materials.

Developing asset management strategies and portfolio optimization for private investors.

Consulting with large REIT buy-side firms on investment strategy refinements and process improvements.


Helping a startup in the healthcare/AI space on product development, pitch deck and outreach to investors

Consulting/mentoring a founder building a gym/health coach business development tool.