Curbo Advisors

Curbo Advisors exists to serve our clients by consulting for startups, asset managers, and real estate investors. At our company, we specialize in two main areas:

First, we provide real estate consulting to investment managers, REITs, and other owners of institutional real estate. Paul Curbo, our founder, has over 30 years of experience in the real estate space managing over $25 billion in assets under management. We provide owners of real estate with strategies to determine where to invest across the United States and the specific kinds of strategies (regional or property type) may be the most successful in a competitive marketplace. This is developed through a detail study of demographics, changes in technology, and economic growth. Through an analysis of these demand drivers and expected new supply, we provide a NOI and return outlook for major sectors.

Second, we also consult with startups on business plans and ways to attract new capital. We have evaluated hundreds of startups and can help you improve your pitch deck, financial model, and overall strategy. As the lead managers of the Flourish Fund Syndicate, we invest in startups across various industries that demonstrate both social impact and strong financial returns.